Premium Lubricants for
the off road environment

AgLube® has developed the most suitable lubricant solutions for heavy duty off-road environments.

For years we have been satisfying customers by giving them what they need to get the toughest jobs done. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach like many other oil companies, AgLube® looks specifically at the needs of heavy duty off-road equipment. That way our customers get exactly what they need and nothing they don’t.

What we add

AgLube® products are developed to meet the needs of off-road equipment. The right amount of anti-oxidants, along with enhanced levels of soot dispersant and wear control additives vital to the life of your equipment. Rust and corrosion inhibitors protect against the elements that equipment operators are faced with. These additives are combined with group II+ base oils that provide the highest level of oxidative stability. The special formulations have been field tested and proven to provide the greatest value to off-road equipment operators.

What we reduce

The lubricant industry has seen a proliferation of extended drain lubricants. These products were developed for on-road trucks but have made their way into the off-road industry as well. To achieve these long drain intervals high amounts of expensive anti-oxidants have to be in the lubricant to prevent oxidation. Although extending drains might be economical for a long haul trucker, extended drains are neither recommended for off-road equipment or common practice. Off-road lubricants are put under more severe pressure and at greater risk of contamination from the harsh environment. Therefore, operators tend to stick with recommended service intervals rather than risk leaving equipment in operation for extended periods. If using an extended drain lubricant, these operators will be dumping expensive anti-oxidants every time they service equipment. By reducing the level of anti-oxidants, AgLube® is able to save you money while still delivering exceptional protection.

What you get

The AgLube® process of enhancing what operators need and reducing what they don’t has created a class of lubricants with unprecedented value, outperforming the competition for a fraction of the cost.